Sunday, 8 February 2015

Her Spirit Lives On



Stephen B Brooks, Festivities Manager, did not like ladders. They were never in the right spot. He especially hated being up high on a ladder. His toes curled, reflexively, searching for solid earth. He put one foot on the plinth. Then he hooked the garland of lights over the horse’s head.
“Right, Janine, pass the next one up, love.”
He threaded the garland around the statue’s waist in a brief, cold embrace.
“Oy, what’s she holding a spear for?”
He looked down. Janine’s head was bent over her phone. He exhaled as forcefully as he could but she did not look up.
He grabbed the frigid rungs and backed down the ladder. A steaming hot mug would be just the trick.
"Don't forget I need Friday off this week", Janine piped up. Trying to get him at a disadvantage, she was.
“Ah no, can’t spare you sorry, with Tim away.” He said.
“But you agreed-“
“Won’t work this week.” He said, and sprang onto the ground. Order returned to the universe.
“Now, flick the lights on, love, and let’s have a coffee"
“Oops, sorry, there’s none left.” She said and looked straight at him. “I drank it all”.


The above is my version of the Sunday Photo Fiction Challenge. The idea is to write 200 words based on a given picture. You can look at other entries here.

The statue in the above picture is Boadicea. I didn't know anything about her before starting this challenge. Read about her history here.

I would love to get any comments or meet writers and readers.



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